BA (hons) Graphic Design
Southampton Solent University

The BA Graphic Design course team believes that the future of the Graphic Design depends on the ability of visual communicators to operate as trend makers rather than followers. As such, conventional notions of the graphic designer as someone who simply receives information are replaced, with a system that encourages students to become instigators in the research and design process. This enables our undergraduates to sustain a breadth and depth of enquiry across a wide range of visual communication endeavours.

 Students need a skills set that will allow them to react to developments in culture, concepts and technological change. However, if the boundaries of graphic design are to expand, education must create opportunities to challenge what already exists.

We aim to provide students with the knowledge needed to survive in the design industry as it is today and importantly, in the future. We also want to create a platform from which students can push the discipline and profession through experiment, exploration, and the development of a personal visual language.

You will be encouraged to enter industry set competitions and the course has a long history of achievement in these schemes, producing many award-winning students and graduates. The course also offers opportunities for students to choose their own subject areas, to research and develop over an extended time frame.