Name: Hoan Ngoc Nguyen

Country: Norway

Course comments: With out a doubt one of my best years at school. It was a little bit hard in the beginning, because the work at Solent University is very different than Norges Kreative Fagskole. But when I found my own visual language for my FMP and knew how to work it, then it became quite fun and interesting.

Living in Southampton: If you like clubbing and nightlife I would recommend living at Bedford Place in Polygon. Here you have a lot of clubs, nice restaurants and good pubs. And it is only 5-7 minutes walk to University and City centre.

Name: Diana Garcia

Country: Bolivia

Course comments: I studied my first year of university in London, and unfortunately I felt I wasted my time. This is why I decided to move to Southampton to continue studying my second year of university; this was the best decision of my life.. I found the course material to be challenging and I clearly had to catch up with rest of the students. So, I had to work long into the night to reach the standard that other students were at. The course pushed me to work harder and to develop my ideas further. I really liked the teaching style, for example the tutors were very critical but also supportive and encouraging student's ideas. I am glad the course offered the right equipment and facilities. I remember spending most of my time at the little Mac room, it became my second home, I do appreciate having access to these good facilities as it made my student life easier. These were the best years of my life, great tutors, and no doubt the best course!

Name: Úrsula Morollón Moreno

Country: Spain

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Name: Elke Hurtado

Country: Gibraltar/UK

Course comments: During my 3 year course at SSU I was able to meet some amazing people, and work with some great tutors. I enrolled on a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design in 2005 after having done a Foundation Course in Art & Design in Canterbury. The difference from one place to another was nothing but positive, the general atmosphere at SSU was great, friendly and lively. I was lucky with the class I had too, we all meshed really well together and our blend of tutors really took out the best in us. Not only that, but the canteen really does an amazing english breakfast too!

Living in Southampton: Having come from a small town abroad, where everything is 5 minutes away, Southampton was perfect for me. It reminded me so much of home, I felt safe and I could walk pretty much everywhere, most importantly the shopping centre was literally 10mins away from my accommodation... Perfect!

What are you up to now: I currently work as a Graphic Web Designer at Victor Chandler International, a well known betting company, based in Gibraltar. My days include designing email campaigns, landing pages, online banners, website skins, print ads and am lucky enough to have been selected to do the re-design of the Sports and Live sections of the website. In my spare time I also work as a freelance designer, mainly working in print and magazine design and for the past 3 years been able to attract clients from Gibraltar all the way upto Marbella. Its a hard life working in the sun, but someones got to do it!

Name: Piotr Kazmierski

Country: Poland


Course comments: I started my Graphic Design degree at the SSU in 2008. Having just graduated I couldn't be more happy with that choice that I made back then. I've always been passionate about graphics, illustration and art so a degree in this field was a dream come true. I feel I learned a lot from it as well as gained valuable skills and experience needed to progress my career in graphic design. The last 3 years were also a lot of fun - I've met some great people - both my fellow students and also tutors who offered unlimited support and guidance throughout.

Name: Adrien Piriou

Country: France

Course comments: I really enjoyed my time at Southampton Solent University. It is a very dynamic, modern, safe place to learn your craft. It offered me a high quality of education within a very supportive environment. I enjoyed every bit of it. The quality and the variety of the briefs even the long weekends in the library and of course Southampton being a vibrant, modern city I loved its nights out!

Name: Jette Graaner

Country: Norway

Course comments: Moving to Southampton and England might have been the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. Now that I look back at it I see that it has also been the smartest thing that I have done. From day one Paul (tutor and Norway enthusiast) has taken care of us and always done his best to make sure that we were having a good time. The school offers good tutors with lots of experience, interesting guest lectures, a good working space, lots of fun and lots of hard work.

Living in Southampton: Southampton is a good city to live in. The best thing about Southampton is all the big parks that are placed in and around the city centre. So when you get tired of your Mac and feel like throwing a frisbee you always have a park to go to. When you get tired of Southampton you can easily get on a coach to London or other exciting cities in the area.

Name: Rita Horne

Country: Norway

Course comments: You were all great to us, teachers were perfect, the class was perfect.. I loved the classroom.. and you made me do some good stuff forever grateful.